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Vinyl flooring offers many benefits, chief among them being its affordability and ease of care. Available in sheets, as well as tiles and planks, they offer property owners greater versatility and options when it comes to floor installations. The professional at Burleson’s Best Flooring Installation & Repairs can ensure a smooth and flawless vinyl floor installation for Burleson area residential and commercial property owners. Our skilled and experienced team deliver timely and effective solutions for all types of flooring installations. Backed by years in the industry, we provide consistently outstanding results for our customers. Contact us for professional vinyl floor installations.

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Vinyl floors provide residential and commercial property owners a low maintenance, waterproof option for flooring for any area of their home or business. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or basement, vinyl floors hold up exceptionally well under a wide range of conditions. They are easy to clean and maintain. Any spills or stains can be wiped up or removed with an appropriate vinyl cleaner. Routine sweeping and occasional mopping or wet cleaning will help to keep vinyl floors glossy and beautiful.


Vinyl flooring material is typically protected by a 'wear layer', which helps to prevent scratches and other damage to your floor. Even under high traffic conditions, the wear layer will last for years. However, once the vinyl is damaged the only recourse is to replace it. In the case of tiles or planks, only the affected areas will need to be removed and replaced, while sheet vinyl flooring will need to be entirely replaced.


Vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns. Options are available which reproduce the look of wood, stone, marble, or other natural materials. Quality, vinyl floors that have been properly installed can add aesthetic appeal and complement the style of any area of your home or business.


One of the biggest reasons many of our customers choose vinyl floor installations over other types of flooring is the cost. It is one of the most affordable options available, yet offers many attractive benefits to residential and commercial property owners. Although its lifespan is below that of other materials, the durability that its 'wear layer' provides gives customers complete peace of mind during its lifetime. Replacing vinyl is fast and affordable, causing minimal inconvenience.

Other Considerations

An often overlooked benefit of vinyl flooring is its resilience. It is less hard than wood, stone, or tile, which makes it not only more comfortable for prolonged standing, but also quieter and more child-friendly. For more information about vinyl floor installations, call the team at Burleson’s Best Flooring Installation & Repairs. We provide professional and affordable vinyl floor installations for residential and commercial properties in the Burleson area. Our team will help ensure your receive a gorgeous new floor that enhances the beauty of your property.

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